Chloe- Nothing standard or robotic about this lovely lady! - May 2013

Chloe- Nothing standard or robotic about this lovely lady! - May 2013

Ok, long time fan of the Gorgeous Chloe Sakai, but first session with Chloe since December 12.

Originally I had booked Chloe for Sunday afternoon, but my circumstances changed and at noon Friday, I made contact with Chloe to try and change it till this evening.  Couple of short texts and all confirmed.

The allotted times arrives, and I get a text from Chloe, she is very close, and apologises.  Chloe soon arrives and I meet her in the lift lobby before moving to our room.

As we enter the room Chloe gives me the first of many Dfk's as our hands explore one a frequent traveller, l have experienced a number of pat down searches at various airports, but trust me, Chloe's pat down or frisk was out of this world, and left me with a tee pee in my pants

Financials are finalised, as we sit on the couch catching up over a white wine

Chloe suggests it is time for the bedroom, we stand and embrace, kissing and exploring, I unzip her dress and she subtly shifts her stance, allowing her dress to seamlessly small to the floor, easily allowing her to step out of it

Chloe was left standing in her stockings and the yellow lingerie she is wearing on her website.  Those of you who have had the pleasure of having met Chloe know how good this image is, and those that don't need to get a life.

As Chloe wraps her arms around my neck, I lift her up, and she wraps her legs around me, l can feel the warmth and moisture from her groin against me, as I carry her to the bedroom where I lay her on the bed, whilst still kissing DFK.

Things are hot, and Chloe suggests a quick shower, I exit to the shower, raging hardon, she keeps walking in, still in the lingerie, teasing me...even after I exit the shower still primed, Chloe meets me standing by the bed grinning.  I quickly remove her bra, laying her on her back, suckling and teasing her erect nipples, as the moans and rubs my head, I slowly move down between her warm smooth thighs, Chloe subtly raises her backside, raising her pussy into my face, allowing me to lower and remove her panties whilst doing so.

DATY, oral, rimming on her Chloe loves it, and is getting wetter, using the back of my index finger I rub her clit bringing her to climax.  Chloe then takes the doggy position giving me an another point of entry or angle of entry to continue the DATY and rimming.  Chloe's pussy is moist, and delicious.  

Chloe then brings out her glass dildo, which she encourages me to use on her, she spreads her legs, arches her back and plays with herself as I dildo fuck her, Chloe looks at me lovingly as she enjoys the session.  She then stops me, gets a vibrating toy and uses that on her clit whilst I dildo fuck her to another orgasm.

by now my balls are tighter than a nuns Vagina, Chloe starts oral on me, despite how delightful this is, now I want the real deal.  Chloe applies the necessary Dom, missionary, standing, stand and deliver, against the wall and then brings me to completion I come hard whilst DFK in missionary.  l continue feeling Chloe's tight hot pussy contracting on my cock.  After a few minutes Chloe cleans me up, as we lay on the bed head to toe, Chloe sensually brushes her breasts, and moves her legs, exposing her cum soaked glistening pussy teasingly.  Positions change and we continue to kiss and cuddle, gfe.

After a while, Nuru session (this is an extra, but worth every cent).  The Nuru starts with you on your stomach, the Nuru is applied to your back and is basically similar to this review

Reciprical natural oral on both of us, Cowgirl, Asian Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, reverse asian cowgirl, spooning, spider web, tight squeeze, surfs up, the figure eight, passion python, bucking bronco, the love seat, and with bbbj as breakers to the positions, double handled hi, 6 condoms and still going..pse

By now the Nuru is all gone, Chloe is kneeling at the foot of the bed, I enter her from behind, the symmetry perfect line of entry straight into her cum soaked pussy, I pound away, fondling her breasts, Chloe pushes up, her back against my chest, she keeps kneeling as a fuck her, before we fall ont the bed, one hand on her right breast, the other on her clit we climax together.

Out of breath, we are both breathing heavily, thoroughly satisfied.  We recover, and retire to the shower, More kissing and cuddling as as Chloe washes the remnants of the dry Nuru from me...but this has me hard again as the Nuru re moistened glistens on Chloe's flawless skin

We exit the shower, dry off and reluctantly redress, before embracing and parting with one final DFK, Chloe disappears into the evening..

I have had numerous sessions with Chloe and my third review of her, but l may attest that nothing in Chloe's service is standard or robotic.  Every session is naturally flowing and sensual, and not standard

WIR ... Well of course l have, and will again

On the sixth day God invented Chloe Sakai, and then he rested on the seventh.....

And I slept better than I have all year....and woke with an erection, thinking of the session again