trntalk- Sept 2013 - No NURU - no problem, Chloe still knows how to please


Chloe Sakai - Posted by trntalk- Sept 2013 - No NURU - no problem, Chloe still knows how to please

Well, many of us have spent time with Chloe, personally 8 or so times, but this experience didn't include Chloe's signature service, her Nuru body slides and intimacy as you slip and slides on the sheets, now l digress, only to explain we both wanted something different than we have shared here goes, 4th review of my Favourite lady Chloe Sakai

Have been following Chloe on twitter, and recently saw this tweet
@ChloeChloeSakai: .. It's definitely in my blood! I luv dominatrix !! I luv it when my slave calls me mistress!!                        

Now we all know Chloe offers a number of services, and to be dominated was on my buck list, yes emphasis on "was" since ticked off.

Agreed on mutual time, place, date...enough said, the meeting

Arrived at the nominated location where we met in the Motel foyer, before showing Chloe to my room, financials completed

Chloe is wearing fishnet stalkings, which I was eager to climb up with my fingers as we kissed, caressed, and refamiliarised ourselves of each other, as we made out on the couch, only stopping briefly for a drink. Under her navy short dress Chloe was wearing red bra, panties and suspenders. For those who need a visual....

I embrace Chloe from behind, one hand round her waist and in her groin, the other unzipping her dress, Chloe wriggles ever so slightly and sexily, the dress slips from her shoulders and to the floor. Chloe moves my hand from her groin to firm ample breast, nipples noticeably erect, she leans back to continue DFK.

I am aware of the inner warmth and moisture oozing between her thighs, I am eager to taste her sweet fresh juices, I in clasp her bra, allowing it to fall to the floor, spin her round and start suckling at her breasts like a newborn baby.

Chloe leads the way to the bed room, crawling on the bed, teasing me with her gorgeous arse, wriggling it and swaying her hips whilst, looking over her shoulder, saying without words, take me.

I begin to kiss her arse cheeks round the edge of her panties, I can taste and she her juices through the gusset of her panties, her virgina swollen and wanting, I begin to remove them, I bury my tongue deep into her pussy. This goes on for a good five minutes, Chloe almost has her shoulders on the bed, panties at her knees, she begins playing with herself, as I begin to rim and tongue fuck her arse....

Chloe loves a good rimming, and was very vocal, pushing her arse and pussy into my Chloe had suggested this be a bit of bondage and teasing of me, entree is over, so it is suggested l have a quick tub, whilst she prepares for the main course.

I emerge from the bathroom, to find Chloe in the following out fits, with black undies

We fall to the bed, 69 dinner for two, Chloe is soon naked kneeling over me, going to town on my cock, playing with my balls, perenim, spitting on my cock, deep throating me, stroking my cock as she rims the head of my cock, moaning and devouring me as if she hasn't eaten for a week all as I enjoy fine Japanese cuisine.

Chloe stops and applies a blindfold, ties my wrists to the bed head and begins to tease again....

She hovers over me, gently rubbing her nipples across my me some spanish, before returning to the 69 position, still blind folded i can smell her sweet pussy and juices, and the heat from therein on my face.......vibrator against my balls, head of my cock...

Chloe is now fully sitting on my face I go to town on her, as she begins an intense bbbj...lots of spit, ball massage, Chloe sensing my pleasure increased the suction and her rhythm

Chloe quivers two or three times, each time her juices becoming freer flowing...... It isn't long until Chloe has a mouthful of my juices deposited in her mouth, she moans, and slows the rhythm, but technique remains, she milks my dry, licking at the eye on my cock, getting every last drop of my juices from the base of the shaft into her mouth.....

Round one is over, My balls tight, Chloe's pussy and inner thighs glistening in the candle light

Chloe cleans me up, if I was a smoker I think I would have had two or three I felt that satisfied, but again, there was still more on the menu...

We lay on the bed, kissing, cuddling, talking about events in our lives since our last meeting, I can see her juices still flowing and heat from her thighs,...after a brief intermission I again bury my head in her pussy....

Chloe turns the heat up, blindfolds me, again, gags me, handcuffs me and applies the collar and lead. I here a lighter being flicked, and then feel hot wax being dripped/poured over my thighs, chest and belly, Chloe rubbing the wax into me.

A slow sensual two handed handjob commences, Chloe sits on my face, I can feel the latex panties, I find an opening and giver her oral as she gives me Spanish, she pulls on the collar and lead, firmly, as if trying to move my mouth to a position whereby I would give her better pleasure.

This behaviour went on for some ten to fifteen minutes, a mix of Spanish, bj, and hand job, broken by kisses, DFK, short pecks, bites and pinches to my nipples..Chloe dry humps me

.I am hard as a rock and wanting to enter Chloe's pussy, blindfold and cuffs off, Chloe orally applies the Dom, and lowers herself onto me cowgirl...asian cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, doggy, spooning.....

Chloe lays at the foot of the bed, I enter her, her legs together I lift her by the hips and thrust away eagerly, Chloe's breasts shaking like two upturned bowls of jelly during an earthquake, Chloe is biting her lip, and grabbing at the sheets and mattress...

Not het spent return to doggy, hard and fast, but by now the Dom has dried Chloe's juices and the first and only time in the two hour session the lube was applied

More doggy, and then Chloe laid on her stomach, arms above her head we went at it, me from behind, Chloe's legs tightly closed until I exploded with what would have to be the most intensive orgasim I have experienced, that intense I was concerned that the condom would have the strength to contain my swimmers

Chloe turned as we DFK, as I slowly shrunk and time to be removed from within Chloe

Quick clean up, more kissing cuddling and prettying, our time is up...

With sorrow we clean up and go our separate ways, my balls tight and sore, but me very much satisfied.

WIR, well I keep going back..

Guys there is much more to Chloe than her looks and NURU service.

She doesn't like fingering, and likes to be played with in ways she feels safe, whilst still arousing to her, treat her with respect, she is a true gem