This Girl Is Amazing

This girl is amazing - Posted by Bullfighter - November 2012

A couple of weeks ago I was down in Melbourne for a few days with work and I decided to dip my toe into the world of privates.  I scanned PP and PG and developed a short list upon which Chloe was my number 1 preference.

Our email and SMS communication to arrange the booking was simple, efficient and executed with a level of cheeky banter from Chloe that helped to build the relationship.

The day of our booking came and I was stuck in meetings all day but none of the sessions had my full attention as I was wistfully thinking about the evening to come. On the way back to the hotel, I grabbed a bottle of champagne, got my self to the hotel showered and began the wait.  The by only downside to our booking was that Chloe was about 10 mins late, (first world problem) but she sent me a few cheeky texts to keep me updated.

Finally the knock on the door arrived and I was very surprised with Chloe's looks.  Her photos depict a girl-next-door type of slightly better than average looks, but in real life she's stunning; Beautiful eyes, cheek bones, lips to die for and a body that is awesome.

We took care of the business side of the transaction and I poured us a drink and we settled down on the couch for a drink.  We chatted for about 5 minutes when Chloe states:  "I've been wanting to kiss you since I arrived". And with that we launch into a great DFK session, her kisses are the right mix of softness/urgency and eventually she stood up and I opened the LBD to reveal that body.  Chloe straddled me on the couch and we continued to kiss and lick each other while I removed her bra and feasted on firm breasts and nipples.  

Chloe then said that I was significantly over dressed and she undressed me and dropped to her knees to lick and suck my balls, then expertly apply the dom with her mouth and give me what was the first of a number of fantastic blow jobs.  For me a blow job is a combination of technique and enthusiasm and Chloe posses both in spades, licking, sucking spitting, gagging, eye contact and dirty talk all in abundance and after a while we moved to the bed where I bent Chloe over to taste her beautiful pussy and arse.    She tasted sublime, and responded well grabbing my head and my hands as I guided a finger into her pussy to get her over ether line.

More cocksucking ensued and the Chole mounted me, we hit all the usuals; cowgirl, reverse CG, mish, caterpillar and finally doggy where I exploded into her amazing pussy and we both collapsed on to the bed in a sweaty heap.  Next time I will absolutely take the option of cumming on her gorgeous face and taking the Greek option - both of those thoughts have been added into the bank for lonely nights when the bank balance does not allow mischief.

We spent some time kissing and stroking each other on the bed and finally after more than an hour Chloe had a quick shower and we parted ways.

Chloe is great girl, easy to talk to, amazing to look at (frankly, her photographer should be shot)  and she offers an amazing service at a great rate.  Whenever I am in Melbourne I will be rebooking her.