Im worried I'll never have a night that can top this one!

Chloe Sakai - Posted by Daz- July 2014 - Im worried I'll never have a night that can top this one!


All of us have that moment in life that we'll forever take pride in being a part of, and having as part of our history. We've seen it in our parents, grandparents, friends, relatives. The one story we each have that gets told over and over, completely ignoring the fact that much of our audience has heard it so many times that they could recite it just as well as we. Yet no matter how many times it gets told, it still gets recited with such life and energy it seems  as though it had only just happened, and we are telling it for the first time.

For some of you, this moment might have been Woodstock 1969, for others the end of the war, or perhaps the day man walked on the moon, maybe you were standing in the crowd the day JFK was shot, or had ringside seats to the "Thrilla in Manilla (you lucky bastard). For me, it was the night I met, and spent with Chloe Sakai.


This review probably actually begins several years prior to the actual events. I'm sure you all remember the days I'm talking about. When the number of private escorts willing to advertise with photos of themselves on the internet were fairly scarce. When punting was real punting because we had to rely on the yellow pages, leader, or take that 90% risk of being promised a 19 year old, then being blamed because you weren't listening to the receptionist at Paramour closely enough when she said she'll be sending a 119 year old! 

Asian girls were even more rare, I think I can only remember 2, and one of them never seemed to smiled in photos, so I was naturally drawn to the other, Chloe.

I hadn't really figured out how to make money at that stage in life. So it was a distant dream for me, a fantasy… really, it was actually a fantasy. I'd save her photos to my computer and look at them while gratifying myself . Over the years, opportunities to meet with this Chloe continued to elude me. I either had  girlfriend, or NO money (because I had a girlfriend), or had eaten too much that night, and no one feels sexy when their bloated.


One night, as I'm preparing to get into bed I decided to flick on a few AV's from my Japanese collection, and I hit a particular favorite of mine with Maria Ozawa, in a fairly strong deep-throat scene. I've always thought of a good deep-throat as kind of like a yawn.
Not for the fact that neither can be done properly without the mouth being wide open. But because the desire for a deep throat bj, much like a yawn, is contagious. So as I see Ms Ozawa playing David Copperfield with the Male Actors' Mr. Giganto I also feel the desire to see my Mr. Not-as-Giganto-but-still-okay-not-really-but-I-tell-myself-that-to-avoid-depression. Disappear down a beautiful ladies slender throat as well.


Fast forward a bit (we all just want me to get to the juicy part don't we?). I'm sitting at my computer staring at Chloe Sakai's profile wondering if she'd still be awake at 2:30am. I call anyway. It was one of those calls that you don't expect to be answered, so let your mind drift off as the ringing… fades… off… in…to… the… background…


"HELLO!?!?!?!"  I snap back to a now rather impatient person on the phone. I pray that the impatient sounding lady on the phone is Chloe's manager, and that I haven't just pissed off Chloe herself.

Nope it's Chloe, and she's probably thinking that I'm the 16th time waster to call in a row.

Crap, so I better ask some questions to help establish the fact that I'm the furthest thing away from a timewaster. So what do I do? I ask questions! Because that's not something timewasters do right? Ask questions to things that are already on her website.

I manage to scrape through the exchange by the hairs on my foreskinny-skin-skin.


My phone buzzes, and a message from her saying that she's at the front door appears (obviously it's about  45minutes later). I actually trip over myself as I get to the stairs, hoping she didn't hear, I pick myself up and double time it, stopping just as I get in eyesight of the front door, and walk out trying to look cool, for some reason I hadn't considered the fact that my labored and heavy breathing while opening the door would render my act of trying to look cool useless.


I remember exactly what I thought when I opened the door for Chloe. "This can't be her".

She was too… sweet… pretty… I couldn't think, I just knew that she seemed more like a girl I'd take home to my parents than one I'd deep throat (let's hope that's the only time I put those two actions in the same sentence).

She doesn't immediately ask for the bathroom, or to be taken to the bedroom, or ask for the donation, she simply steps into my living room, smiles gentle, and waits for me to offer her a drink. The impatient, snappy, person who answered the phone earlier was nowhere to be seen. It takes Chloe no more than 3 minutes to disarm, placate, flatter, humor and have me at ease. I don't need to run game on her, I realise there's no point, I'm already out of my depth here. So I just enjoy the rest of the night.


We speak for about 35 minutes, I'm loving the conversation, I usually find people a bit of a chore to talk to sometimes. I forget that I've made a booking with this girl. This is the first time that I'm completely immersed in the escort/companion/surrogate girlfriend(?) experience.


Eventually I lead her to the bed room, she steps through the door and in one simple action, lets her coat fall to ground. A simple action, executed with such perfect precision and timing that it doesn't just send shivers down my spine, it sends god damn freaking lightning bolts charging through my entirety .

In that one moment, in the split second it takes for that coat to fall from her shoulders and rest in a gentle heap on the floor, the sweet pretty pleasant girl is transformed into a… goddess doesn't seem enough, but I think that's as high as our language will allow me to describe.


Sakai crosses the room like a cat and before I can properly react she has  me pinned to my bed. She obviously thinks she's got the draw on me, but like in every Clint Eastwood western I've seen, the bad guy always forgets to check what's pointed at their groin. And in that area, I win. We both feel it, look down and see my dick, pointed straight at her.  She backs up just a little bit, and surrenders. By that I mean she slowly starts to lose everything else she has on, which is a red fully kitted lingerie set (is that how you describe them? Fully Kitted?). Chloe slowly takes each piece a part, and as its disassembles I'm left gazing upon a perfect, smooth, beautiful body.


Round 1 is amazing, I don't remember any fumbling around that's typical of the first time in bed with someone, trying to communicate to the other what you want, or are trying to do, instructing them to put their leg there, as you put your neck under here. Chloe can read each play better than John Madden. Everything was seamless, we changed positions 5 times without me having to pull out, find it again… go to insert, hear a squeal, learn that I've got the wrong one… adjust go again, then realise the momentum is gone.


We are well over the time allowed now, If Chloe realized, she mention it or seem rushed. Either way I decided that the only nice thing to do was extend by another hour. So I extended by two.


My favorite part of the night (I'm wrapping this up, I know you all want to get back to your familes) was when we were sharing different fantasies of ours. Remembering the thing that got me set on this journey I blurted out "DEEP THROAT!". Then quickly added that I don't think I could ever actually bring myself to do that to a girl.
With a cheeky grin she say "Let's see!" Then my cock disappears into her mouth.
The only way that moment could have possibly been better is if she prefixed that by quoting Joker from "The Dark Knight Rises" and says, "want to see a magic trick?" Then makes it disappear!


That night was so amazing in the following week and a half I had made:
a 3 hour booty call booking

6 hour dinner date (she likes seafood guys)


I was kind of struggling for gift ideas, beyond the typical. I settled on a HDD with a selection from my porn collection on it.


I'd freaking marry her if I could negotiate a decent enough bulk hourly rate that a relationship of that magnitude would require.