Nuru with Chloe

Nuru with Chloe- the only way to go! Posted by Peter - October 2012

Well after reading the other marvellous reviews of Chloe, and my impending birthday, decided to give myself a gift and try and book Chloe Sakai.

Sent her an e-mail as initial contact, and received a response a couple of hours later received an upbeat response, seemed genuine and provided real information to questions. After initial response, emails back and forth, and a booking made for tonight. A few SMS to confirm details.

During the day, a polite discreet SMS from Chloe, before asking for confirmation of our booking.

We agreed to meet at a city motel at given time, and due to phone issues, there was a slight delay in the booking, which Chloe apologised profusely for.

Met Chloe in the lift lobby, her hair was flowing over her shoulders as she walked towards me with what l would have to describe as an upbeat step in her stride. She was wearing a navy blue coat that just covered her dress, and heels. Chloe has natural beauty, and her pictures do her justice, but not enough.

She greets me with a brief hug and kiss, as we try and escape into the open lift before other guests walking in our direction try and get into the same lift....unsuccessfully I might add. Chloe is a great conversationalist. She instinctively started a conversation which made us appear to be friends for a number of years.

Once in the room, a glass of sparky each, she kisses me (DFK) and Chloe starts to remove her coat revealing a tasteful, but sexy black dress.

From here we move to the bed...our hands explore one another with enthusiasm, as the kissing continues. We are soon naked...Seeing Chloe naked did it for me, l was locked and loaded, safety was off.

Some mutual oral, she smells and tastes beautiful, her necture so sweet, without going into specifics, it is clear that Chloe is enjoying the attention as well, but if I don't slow it boys will be launched far too early.

We slow things down, more DFK, as our hands covered one another's body, like the Mars Rover on Mars only downside, I didn't have a camera...

The passion builds, more oral, and yes lots of attention the the twigg and berries. Chloe applies the dom and then some missionary, Chloe's legs wrapped around me, then over my shoulders, before l explode and Chloe shudders. More passionate DFK, and then time for the half time drinks.

Finish the sparkly, and now for the Nuru. Now I have never had Nuru before, and fore those who haven't, you have no idea about the sensation the warm Nuru gel feels as it is first poured over your back before Chloe ensures it is over every accessible surface area of skin, from your neck to your toes. Chloe then commences a body slide all over your back, back of your legs, backside, testicles. You can't see her at all, but you can feel the warmth of her naked body slide all over you

I try and reach round to explore, and play which Chloe deflects my attempts which only heightens the pleasure and anticipation.

Time to role over, the warm Nuru is poured over my chest and skillfully applied to the rest of my body. Warm Nuru as being stroked....sensational!

Chloe skilfully moves about, one minute Spanish, then she is giving me oral, teasing me with the visual of her beautiful backside and glistening pussy, which is just outside the reach of my tongue. No matter how hard you try, all that Nuru on the vinyl/plastic sheets makes it impossible to get traction. Chloe re positions herself, and we have 69, glories again.

On with the Dom, and Chloe mounts me cowgirl. She rides you like a champion, i now know how a jack hammer being driven through concrete is feeling!

Her breasts covered and glistening in Nuru, bouncing as she rises and falls, she then spins to reverse cowgirl, and I now get to see her fine arse rise and fall as her pussy swallows my member!

I am spent....More DFK, some clitorial play whilst Chloe continues to massage the Nuru into my flagpole...

An intimate shower followed as time and attention was given to removing the Nuru from our bodies...

Our time not unlike myself are well and truly spent...worth the time ....... definitely!

Would I do it again definitely.

Chloe has only been in the industry for just over a year, but she came across as being caring, courteous and genuinely passionate! If she wasn't she needs to move to Los Angeles, and be nominated for a Golden Globe or Academy Award.

Nuru is extra charged, but worth every cent.