My Slave

My Slave- Posted by Tacitus Cito- November 2012


Two months had passed since I had been Chloe's slave. We had determined that the next time we meet the roles would be reversed. Time was getting away and I had intended to continue our 'unfinished business' before the Christmas period made things difficult. So I sent a text message saying it was almost time for her to be my slave. Within an hour Chloe replied "Yes master!" A few text messages followed working out the details and a 2 hour booking was confirmed for the following Friday and I got onto organising our accommodation.


Finally, after a very long week of built up anticipation broken by some playful messaging, the day arrived. Half an hour before the designated time she sends a message saying she might be about 15 minutes late. I think to myself she will be punished for this.

So we meet in the foyer again before heading up to the apartment. This time we have the lift to ourselves and talking is easier. Once in the apartment we hug and kiss, getting reacquainted and catching up with what we've been up to. This time we remember to open the sparkling and we have a drink. Chloe then shows me that she has her collar and leash on under her dress. The leash is almost hanging lower than the length of her dress and says she was a bit worried people might wonder what it was if they happened to see it. We have bit of a laugh at the possibilities before I head off for a shower.

Stepping out of the shower I call out "Slave girl, I'm done! Where are you?"
"Here master", Chloe replies as she enters the bathroom. She's again dressed in her leather bondage harness but also with stockings and a bra. She towels me down as arranged but I'm still not dry when she's finished so I tell her to continue until I'm dry all over. Once Chloe has finished drying me properly I lead her by the leash to the bedroom. I secretly think to myself how delicious she looks and I tell her I just want to look at her for a moment. So there I am, standing naked gazing at this most delightful creature.

I ask, "Have you been behaving, Chloe?"

"Yes master, I have." she replies. Regardless, I instruct to her kneel hands and knees on the edge of the bed so I can give her a few gentle lashings with the flogger.

When I'm done she turns around to face me and I move forward to kiss her and she cups my balls in her hand. "I did not give you permission to do that, now bend over to be punished" I demand, which she does and I give her some more gentle lashings on her buttocks with the flogger.
Chloe gasps and pleads "I'm sorry master." I tell her to stand up and we kiss. Chloe asks for permission to handle my member which is granted.

Within moments Chloe asks "Would you like me to blow you master?" to which I reply "Yes slave, you may."
So she kneels in front of me on the bed and takes my cock in her mouth. There are few greater sights than watching Chloe use her mouth on my member. Few greater feelings for that matter either. She looks up at me with those eyes as she devours it and asks "Does this please you master?" "Oh yes slave, you're doing so well" I reply.

After a little while I give her permission to stop and she sits on the edge of the bed. "Would you like to remove my stockings master?" Chloe asks. I say I would and begin to carefully roll the stockings down exposing her legs. I gently run my fingers along the soft skin of her inner thighs. Then I tell her I wish to remove the bra so I can fondle her breasts. I do more than fondle. I kiss and suck on the sensitive nipples and Chloe sighs in delight. Then, pushing her back on the bed, I move down to her crotch and proceed to unzip her to reveal that pussy. As before, I spread the zipper wide so I can gain easier access with my tongue which quickly finds the hard little button that is her clit. This has Chloe writhing in pleasure and gasping "Thank you master, thank you!" After a few moments I suggest she remove her harness but leave the collar and leash on. I then continue with what could easily become one of my favourite pastimes - dining on Chloe's pussy. Chloe squeezes her legs against my head and is fingering around the edge of her pussy as I lap greedily at it, tasting her sweet juices. She continues to thank her master, telling me how wonderful it feels.

After a while we decide it's time to move on to the next activity on our agenda. I give leave to Chloe to go to the kitchen to prepare the items while I rest on the bed with a glass of sparkling reflecting on the night's activities thus far and what is to come. A few minutes later Chloe knocks on the door and asks if she may enter. I give her permission and she enters carrying a tray with two cups on it - one containing ice cubes, the other hot tea. "Who's going first?" we ask each other. I decide as master to be pleasured first. Chloe fits the blindfold around my head and I lie down on my back on the bed. I hear the ice cubes rattling in the cup but nothing else and I am in pitch blackness. Suddenly I feel her fingers around my cock and she begins to stroke it before I feel yet again the warm embrace of her mouth around it. It swells very quickly in her mouth as she moves up and down the shaft using her lips and tongue. Chloe stops for a moment, leaving me in limbo but before I know it I feel the sensation of hot (not too hot) tea swirling around in Chloe's mouth as she resumes blowing me. Then I hear the rattling of ice cubes and I next feel the icy sensation of them on my cock sending a shiver throughout my whole body. It only lasts for a moment before the ice melts and the warmness of her mouth takes over.

This continues for a few more minutes alternating between hot and cold before I instruct her to move up to kiss me. Then she sucks on my nipples and bites one causing me to flinch in pain for which she quickly apologises, fearing punishment. I let this slide and instead tell her to sit on my face. She straddles my face and grinds her pussy against my mouth. My tongue is lapping feverishly at her pussy, probing deeply and tasting the sweet nectar. Chloe continues to writhe uncontrollably upon my face, moaning in pleasure. Eventually she moves off my face allowing me to actually breathe once more.

Now it's her turn. She goes to the kitchen again to reheat the tea whilst I have another drink and relax for a moment. Upon returning, again asking for permission to enter, I fit the blindfold to her and she lies down on the bed face up. I stand by the bed once again taking in the exquisite sight before me. She moves her hands towards her pussy and I give her permission to pleasure herself. She asks if she may spread her legs to which I also give permission. Meanwhile I gently brush the strands of the flogger against her, starting at her forehead, down along her face, down her neck, chest and stomach before lightly swirling it around her breasts and nipples. Along with the ministrations from her own fingers, Chloe appears to be enjoying this, letting out small gasps and moans. I then move between her legs and watch her play before once again tasting her for a few minutes. Taking a sip of hot tea I swirl it around my mouth before returning to her pussy. Chloe reacts to the warm sensation with a loud moan and writhing against my mouth. Next I grab a couple of ice cubes and place them in my mouth. I promptly return to her pussy as the ice is melting quickly. She jumps at the cold sensation and says it's too much but suggests rubbing the ice around the edges of her pussy. I let her do this herself as I continue to dine.

I continue dining until I remember from our last meeting Chloe suggesting I use her bullet vibrator on her at our next encounter. I ask whether she has it with her and to my delight she reaches into her bag of tricks and pulls it out. I place it in a dom and turn it on. Having never used one of these before, I’m surprised at the power of the vibration, even on low. I gently press it around Chloe's pussy, both of us quite amused by this powerful little buzzer. Chloe suggests I try it on my balls which I do with a little trepidation. Having never tried this before I find it feels pretty good. Then Chloe says "Let me blow you while you do that" and begins to do so while I continue to use the bullet vibe on my balls. The sensation is fantastic.

When we're done with that Chloe then lies back down on the bed and asks me to push her legs back over towards her shoulders so her pussy is looking up at me and tells me to eat her again. Naturally I dive in right in, burying my face deep. She then gets on her hands and knees with her ass high in the air. "Ahh, you're presenting your ass to me." I say to which she replies "Presenting both to you, sir." So for the umpteenth time this evening, I bury my mouth and tongue deep in her pussy. Chloe pushes back on my face as I lick and suck away before moving my way up to her date to give her a rimming.

After a few moments of this I decide it's time to fuck and tell her so. As she reaches for the dom packet I again bury my face between her peachy cheeks (I just can’t resist it, okay?). Chloe applies the dom and we decide on mish to start us off. The pace begins slowly, just getting comfortable and Chloe actually positions her thighs so they restrict me from going too deep. After a while though the pace builds and she lets me all the way in. We continue to fuck in this position for a few minutes before we move to cowgirl position which is great because I can fondle her breasts as she rides me. Then she suggests reverse cow girl and she puts my legs together before straddling me. It is wonderful watching my cock slide in and out and Chloe enjoys fucking me quite vigorously in this position. Then it's back to mish but with her legs back towards her shoulders as before and I fuck her hard and deep. Chloe is moaning loudly and continually thanking her master. We then move into doggy position. I hold her in a variety of ways, by her waist, her hips, her shoulders but best of all, by the leash and smacking her buttocks whilst fucking her for all I'm worth. She's begins to scream in a way which sounds like she's in pain so I stop to enquire and she gasps to tell me not to stop but to keep fucking her which, of course, I do.

Eventually, we are beginning to tire and I'm now close to climaxing. Unlike our last meeting I have managed to save myself to the end. So as I fuck her I tell her I want to shoot over her tits which I get a very enthusiastic response to. I pull out and remove the dom as Chloe positions herself by lying in front of me on her side with her mouth just centimetres away from the head of my dick as I stroke myself. Her lips are touching the head and occasionally she wraps her lips around it as I continue to stroke. Finally, I reach climax shooting my load over her neck and tits with some hitting her on the chin.

We clean up and collapse on the bed sweaty and utterly exhausted. I ask about her screams of pain and she tells me that because she had reached orgasm three times her pussy was sensitive but at the same time did not want it to stop. I have no reason to doubt this as I was unaware that she had climaxed at all. There were no over-the-top orgasm moments. I eventually go for a shower and Chloe joins me shortly after. As usual, there is no rush so we then sit and chat for a while longer before we part ways.

I'm certain Chloe and I still have a few more adventures in store together yet.

Footnote: As previously stated, Chloe is not a professional BDSM service provider. Our session involved playful, erotic role play with no pain whatsoever involved (apart from a bitten nipple).