My Mistress

My mistress- Post by Tacitus Cito - September 2012


It had been about 12 months since I had last seen Chloe although I had kept an eye on her ads with the intention of catching up again. Time just seems to pass by so quickly and other distractions also pop up. I finally got around to sending her a text message in mid September. Quite quickly, I received an enthusiastic reply about us catching up again.

Those previous encounters had involved a little role play so we exchanged a few text messages discussing the direction of our next meeting. I remembered that Chloe likes to take control (she informed me she can be submissive too – see Part 2 to follow) and I had an urge to be controlled by her so I let her know. Chloe was very enthusiastic about this idea and some of her questions actually made me a little nervous but it was all about setting our boundaries. So I booked 2 hours at the going rate of $800 plus $80 for some extras. I then got onto organising accommodation. What follows is a somewhat truncated record of events as the session occurred over two months ago now. What I can say is that the two hours were filled with sensual, playful role play eroticism. I also want to point out that I did not complete the BDSM section in the template because I feel this was not a true BDSM session. I've done true BDSM before and I know the difference.


The day came and when I set eyes on Chloe in the foyer my heart raced. She was looking as gorgeous as ever and she gave me her almost shy smile. She has longish brown hair, beautiful dark eyes and stands about 5’5” or 5’6” in the old scale so in high heels she is quite statuesque. I chose size 8-10 in the template but I think she is closer to a size 8 with curves and possesses perfect natural C cup breasts. She is by no means a hard-body but rather soft and feminine which is what I prefer. We get the lift up to the apartment with, unfortunately, a number of other people. I prefer apartments over hotel rooms if I can get the right price. Once in the apartment our conversation flows and it is like two friends catching up. I then head off for a shower.

Whilst drying myself off Chloe comes in. She places the collar and leash, which I had brought, around my neck and orders me to follow her on my hands and knees back to the bedroom as she leads me by the leash. I obey, following her, crawling back to the bedroom until I am kneeling at the edge of the bed. Chloe holds the leash tight so I am looking up at her.  “This is to put you in your place”, she tells me and gives me a few lashings with the flogger on my buttocks.
“Will you do as I say, slave?” she asks sternly. “Yes mistress, I will obey.” I reply.

She then says if I can correctly undo her dress I won’t be punished and that she has a surprise for me. I do actually know how to negotiate her dress and am able to successfully remove it.  The surprise is indeed something wonderful. Under her dress, Chloe is wearing a black leather bondage harness. Her breasts are exposed and bound by the straps of the outfit.  The sight of this leaves me speechless and I just want to look at her, taking this erotic sight in, before trying to touch her which results in a quick retort from her and several more lashings of my buttocks with the flogger. I am then given permission to touch and kiss her gently all over, paying special attention to her glorious orbs and their sensitive pink nipples that just love to be fondled and licked.

She is now standing over me, one foot up on the bed as I continue to kneel at the side of the bed. A few more lashings of my buttocks with the flogger are administered just to make sure I know who is in charge. The crotch of her harness has zipper access and is at my face level. Chloe asks if her slave would like to see her pussy to which I reply with a very quick “Yes, mistress”.  She instructs me to carefully pull the zipper down which I do until her bald pussy is clearly visible. I ask for permission to taste her and my request is granted.  Spreading the opening of the zipper with my fingers I begin to gently explore her sweet pussy with my tongue. It’s so smooth and moist and I begin to greedily lap at it. Chloe encourages me and moans in pleasure as my tongue laps at and probes her willing pussy.

This continues for a few minutes before Chloe suddenly steps away to walk towards the bathroom, instructing me to remain kneeling at the side of the bed with my head bowed. I manage to sneak a peep behind me to watch her walk into the bathroom. That sight is another of Chloe that is firmly planted in my memory. To see her strutting in high heels in that outfit with her beautiful bum cheeks exposed was amazing. After gazing for a few seconds I quickly turn away so as not to get caught and I resume my position.

I hear her returning, not quite sure what to expect. The use of a strap-on had been discussed and so I was suddenly feeling rather vulnerable.  Instead, I feel a cool liquid being drizzled onto my back and Chloe spreading it all over. Next I feel her naked body, having removed the bondage harness, against my back, rubbing up and down, her breasts sliding along my now slippery back. Chloe tells me it is Nuru Gel.  She then instructs me to lie face down on the bed and she lies on top of me continuing to slide against me. After a few minutes of this Chloe gets up and instructs me to roll over so I am face up, placing a towel underneath to avoid getting the Nuru on the bed.  My legs are hanging over the side and Chloe is between them fondling my balls, coating them in Nuru whilst proceeding to pay close attention to my member with her mouth.  It begins with an almost exploratory probing with her tongue, before she takes it in her mouth. The feeling of her warm mouth sucking and slurping on my cock is indeed glorious. I struggle to hold my head up to watch this temptress ply her trade which she notices and permits me to place two pillows under my head. Chloe looks into my eyes as she continues to work her magic with her mouth.  This is amazing and before too long I am ejaculating into her mouth, her eyes never leaving mine. Without rushing, Chloe then goes to the bathroom to clean up.

A few minutes later she returns and asks, “So slave, did you enjoy that?” “It’s now my turn!” Chloe lies on her back, legs spread, presenting her pussy to me to be eaten. I move towards her, kissing along her legs until I reach the lips of her pussy. I begin to probe with my tongue, licking her clit which results in Chloe squeezing her legs against my head and emitting soft moans of pleasure. She uses her fingers around the edges of her pussy while my tongue works inside and all around.  I continue to dine on this tasty morsel with Chloe squirming around, pushing back onto my face and uttering how good her slave is pleasing her. Occasionally she tries to move away as her pussy becomes too sensitive but I press forward, feverishly licking her clit. Then, after a while she flips over and is on her hands and knees.  I dive back into her pussy from behind, lapping at it and reaching around to fondle her breasts as Chloe pushes back on my face, muttering that I am a good slave and I am indeed pleasing her.

Although there aren’t too many other things I’d rather be doing than eating out Chloe’s pussy I can’t help but move my tongue up a few centimeters to the tight little rosette of her ass. I know this is something she enjoys and my task is to ensure my mistress is pleasured. I begin to gently rim her and I hear her let out a little gasp as she pushes back again on my face.  Eventually Chloe suggests we take a shower to wash the Nuru off which is an erotic experience in itself. Somehow Chloe ends up on her knees milking me with long sensual strokes.

After the shower we head to the kitchen to open the sparkling which we had forgotten about and snack on the sushi I had bought.  We then make our way back to the bedroom where we continue to play but alas my member is spent. I can only muster one shot tonight. So we just continue to chat and fondle each other for the next 15 minutes or so before our time together draws to a close.

Although we didn’t actually get around to fucking, the experience didn’t necessarily call for it and I was by no means disappointed. It’s almost impossible to put in words here the intensity and sensuality that this encounter entailed but I can ensure you that my desires were fully sated. Having said that, Chloe and I acknowledged that there was yet another chapter to be played out.

To be continued…

Footnote: Chloe does not profess to be an expert in the art of BDSM.  This encounter was planned by the both of us as per our previous meetings that involved a little extra creativity. It was all playful fun.